. . . What Does The Term 'HOLY GRAIL' Conjure To You? Answers To This Mystery And More From THE SON OF MAN: The ONLY Recorded Contact of GOD & MAN In 2,000 Years


1Lightning_hits_treeFirst contact with God is a memorable experience.  First Miracle; Well, it was for Me: It came as the immediate response to a prayer — my first in 40 years — asking for help:

“Daniel, I’m glad you are seated firmly, Son; this news requires it!”


“Daniel, . . . This Is God Almighty, Son; Creator Of Heaven And Earth; Author Of All Things Good And Wondrous, And Of Jesus Christ: You, Son!  You, Daniel, Are A Prophet; You Are The Son Of Man And The Physical Embodiment Of God The Father, but there are now finer points of language that require clearer definition.” . . .  My FATHER Knew I Lacked Certain Verbal Gifts, So HE IMBUED Me With Them, On The Spot.  Here, a brief pause was in order to ingest the enormity — the mind-fracking awesome heavy-duty deep digiridoo-doo of what He, God Almighty, Had just Laid On My Tiny Little Mind! (The profundity of which, one year later, still has my head reeling, so it’s time to pass the buck to you, on occasion, to digest what has been disclosed.  Alone, I can’t keep up forever; I need your trusted readers’ feedback;  please respond!  This universe cannot flourish inertly.)

“Daniel, You Are The MESSIAH, Son, And You Inhabit The Soul Of Jesus Of Nazareth And Bethlehem, Who Was Very Much Like You Indeed.  You Are Not Jesus Christ, However.  You, Son, Are Much More Like Me.  That May Explain Why You are Such a . . . As You Say Of Me, ‘A Pain In The Ass!’ Just As He, Jesus, Was The Embodiment Of God The Son, You Daniel Are The Embodiment Of God The Father.  ME!  I Tend To Insist On My Original Details Being Upheld; I’m A ‘Pain…’.”  . . . Another round of Smelling Saltz was in order here.

It was with considerable reliefe that I greeted these Divine Pronouncements of my Godly qualities; finally, someone noticed.  Perhaps all was not lost after all.


Babe Ruth’s “Called Shot”

After equilibrium was restored, The LORD Asked me to go to the north-facing window.  My “view” overlooks JFK Airport from across Sheepshead Bay and a Gut or two, with several 6-8-story apartment towers in the immediate foreground, about 300 meters distant.  I habituate on the top floor of a 6-story nursing home on Rockaway Beach in Arverne, NY, in the Borough of Queens 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.   His INFINITESSIM-ISM Had Asked Me to Witness A Token Of HIS VISIT That Demonstrated Unequivocally His Awesome POWER, Demonstrably.  I complied.

1BoltGoldAt the window I looked out across the fens toward JFK and listened to the Melifluous Voice Of God in my ear tell me to watch the corner of the nearest building down the block.  “Watch, Daniel, the corner of the balcony floor nearest you.” It was like that one corner had been annointed by divine decree to be the stage for this drama.  As I tracked my gaze to the target, I noticed there was a dearth of clouds in the clear blue sky.  The proverbial Blue Bird Day, indeed.

I honed in on the target again, no pedestrian traffic noted in the area; all was quiet, Then, an admonishment to be ready.  And, before I could count to THREE . . .     BOOOOOM!!!  An EXPLODING BEAM OF PURE LIQUID ENERGY BOLTED between the target and the sky like molten gold, and filled my sacred veins with anti-freeze and my underwear with . . . excitement.  And fodder for stories to regale my yet-unborn grandchildren.  Babe Ruth fans: Sorry, THIS was the perfect called shot!

“NOW, Daniel, Do You Think You Understand A Bit Better The POWER Of ALMIGHTY GOD, Son?”

Feeling just a little like Ulysses standing clench-fisted before the walls Of Troy, I thought,

Don’t I?



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